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McGees Fall/Winter 2014

10 years in Nairobi!

This past August marked the 10 year anniversary of our arrival in Kenya to serve on staff as Chaplain at Rosslyn Academy and to serve as area youth pastor for MKs in our mission in East Africa. In those 10 years our school has grown from 450 to 650 students! Over the past 10 years Kevin has preached in hundreds of chapel services at Rosslyn Academy, as well as hundreds of church services at the International Christian Fellowship that we helped start, performed dozens of baptisms and organized more than 60 groups of students for Cultural Field Studies trips. Together we have organized, led or helped lead close to 20 MK programs for missionary kids at field meetings or Spiritual Life conferences. We are so grateful for your friendship, prayers and financial support over these past 10 years! Your support has meant the world to us and to our children!

2013-2014 highlights:

Last school year ended on a positive note with the usual events of concerts, recitals, a baptismal service and of course graduation. Kevin was asked to perform two different Christian wedding ceremonies— one for a German couple and the other for an Indian couple. We also got to participate in an environmental protection fundraiser and race, which was a highlight for Kevin and a great time of forging deeper friendships with people from the international community! We had 53 people at our campsite in northern Kenya (and scorpions and snakes camped with us, too). We are thankful for safety for the team Kevin was on!

Summer itineration:

We traveled a little bit less this summer in the US than last time, needing to take a bit of a family sabbatical after the stress of dealing with the recent terrorism in Nairobi. But our stateside family is spread out so we still did a lot of driving (over 5,000 miles) from TX to NY to the Carolinas and back to TX. The summer felt tiring & short, but rich. We were glad to share with several supporting churches and individuals, but missed many of you.

2014 –2015 Academic year:

Kevin continues in his role of Chaplain, but is finding that with the school’s growth he could use help, so the school is looking for another chaplain and Bible teacher to help share the load starting next year. This school year Kevin is also filling in some extra roles, covering for Rosslyn’s Dean of Students who is on a year-long sabbatical. Middle School and High School had Spiritual Emphasis Week the end of September, and the speaker was our colleague, the director of the MK office at our headquarters. The week went well, and the High School Retreat that followed was the highest-attended retreat in Rosslyn’s history! Kevin hosted a Junior-Senior guys integrity campout retreat with several other teachers in September. Robin is teaching one High School French 2 class this year as well as her Middle School French classes, so she ended up with 75 students this year, and she’s only parttime! Please pray for stamina, strength and energy for us to serve well.


Mary is in 11th grade, Christina is in 9th, and Jonathan is in 4th. Mary continues with piano and voice, and is adding art to her list of loves. Christina is interested in science & medicine, and loved playing on the new girls Rugby team last spring! Jonathan enjoys playing with legos & water guns. We savored our time seeing the two great-grandparents, both sets of grandparents, all the aunts & uncles and all the cousins this summer, as well as several great-aunts & uncles, and 2nd cousins! (Missing in these photos are 1 set of grandparents & 1 set of cousins — but we did see them!) What a gift to spend time with family!

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