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Task Force Finances

Much like a missions trip, you are responsible to raise your own funds.

Donors/Support Letters

If you are raising funds through donors and/or support letters:

  • They can give using the AG Giving website to directly transfer funds towards your trip into the Task Force account [891154(30)] using their credit card information.
    • Note if using the website: your donor’s giving is subject to a 7% AGWM Administration fee.
  • Donor checks* can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 9200
Springfield, MO 65801

The check should be made out to Assemblies of God World Missions and include YOUR name and trip description in the “memo” line.

  • If you request ISMK to purchase your ticket, these funds help reimburse that cost.

Personal Funds

If you are using personal funds to finance your trip, you can mail in a check (see above details), call the office with a credit card payment over the phone, or give online.*

  • If you choose to use the AG Giving website, your giving is subject to a 7% AGWM Administration fee. If ISMK has purchased your ticket, please do not use this website.  Please send your check to the address listed above.
  • Any personal expenses on the trip (i.e. airport meals, baggage fees, etc.) will not be covered by the ISMK fee.

Parents' (00)

With approval of your parents’ regional director, the cost of the trip may be funded in part or completely out of your parents’ (00).

If you are using funds from your parents’ (00):

  • Pending Regional Director approval, your parents can transfer funds towards your trip or can pay for your airline ticket by working with their Financial Specialist. Funds can be transferred into the Task Force account [891154(30)]. Funds from ISMK cannot  be reimbursed to a missionary account.