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Task Forces

Live|Dead AW Retreat

Where:  Nairobi, Kenya
Dates:  Dec. 27, 2019 – Jan 8, 2020
     – Retreat Only: Airfare + $430
     – Retreat & Safari: Airfare +$800
Needs:  28 staff

Northern Asia Retreat

Where:  Cha-Am, Thailand
Dates:  January 27 -31, 2020
Cost:  Airfare + $750
Needs:  17 staff

LAC Youth Retreat

Where:  Costa Rica
Dates:  April 7 – 12, 2020
Cost:  Airfare + $100
Needs:  8 staff

Southern Asia/India Retreat

Where:  Phuket, Thailand
Dates:  April 3-6, 2020
Cost:  Airfare + about $600
Needs:  13 staff

Eurasia Northwest Retreat

Where: Thessaloniki, Greece
Dates: April 22-28, 2020
Cost: Airfare + $700
Needs: 10 Staff


Where:  Croatia or Lithuania
Dates:  July 26 – Aug. 1, 2020
Cost:  Airfare + about $600
Needs:  34 staff

Please contact us if you are interested in going on a trip. We will send you forms to complete. If you would like more information, please contact the MK Office. Financial aid is available through your parents (00), if they have sufficient funds.

As always with these retreats, the costs are up to each one of you to raise. We keep the costs as low as possible. If it is your first time to go on an MK Task Force, we may be able to help – contact us. Typically, the cost of the Task Forces is about $500 above the cost of airfare. Cost will vary.

If you are interested in any of the trips please email the MK Office. Each MK Task Force will need a different amount of staff. Be sure to apply early!