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Exciting News – Cristi

The AG has 1,400 missionary kids (MKs) serving with their parents in over 200 countries. Some of these kids live in difficult and dangerous countries, most are away from grandparents and family, and all  have made sacrifices to go with their parents around the globe to spread the gospel. Many MKs have no children’s church, youth group, or even Christians around them to pour into their lives. International Society of Missionary Kids (ISMK) is a ministry specifically for missionary kids, providing resources, relationship, discipleship, and mentoring for missionary kids all over the globe. The number one reason missionaries leave missions is because of family issues, so ISMK is designed to assist missionaries in meeting family needs, and to help families stay healthy on the field.

A few months ago, I was approached by the Assemblies of God World Missions leadership about changing my missions assignment to ISMK, and providing pastoral care and counseling for MKs and families around the world. Having grown up as an MK in South Africa and worked with MKs for 10 years, I understand the complexities of of being a kid in missions, and I personally have benefited from the ISMK ministry. So, with great excitement, I’d like to announce that I will now serve as a missionary to missionary kids around the globe!  


My new role will be to set up mentoring and discipleship programs for our MKs on the field, providing resources and pastoral care, and working with college-age MKs who are away from their families. I’ll be making multiple international trips a year to all five regions of the world, visiting and ministering to MKs and their parents. My new missions assignment is unique, but I believe that, by helping meet the needs of missionary families, we can help them stay healthy and on the field.

This new missions assignment is truly is a dream come true for me and I consider ministry to MKs to be nearest and dearest to my heart. Thank you for journeying with me as we minister to little missionaries all over the world!

MK Thanksgiving Retreat

In November, I joined 180 college age MKs and staff in Colorado for the annual ISMK Thanksgiving Retreat. Our days were filled with snow and skiing, and our evenings filled with worship, teaching, prayer and discussion. It is always powerful being with MKs from every corner of the globe, worshiping together, encouraging one another, and laughing with each other. To see a short recap video of our time together, click here.

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