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Austin Hines – Intro Newsletter


“Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” The Great commission echos on – more than two thousand
years after Jesus first spoke the words. Missionary families from every imaginable background and walk of life
eagerly respond to the call much like Isaiah did when he said, “Here I am – send me!”
The International Society of Missionary Kids (ISMK) is the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) ministry to
missionary kids (MKs). Around 1500 MKs scattered through 217 countries are the focus and purpose of ISMK. God
calls families to be missionaries, and has a specific purpose for each member of the family. My call is to strengthen
missionary families worldwide by empowering generations of MKs to fulfill their calling. Currently, AGWM has 3
missionaries assigned to work with MKs. As a Missionary Associate, I will be the 4th. The task is great, and the
workers are few!
Missionary parents knowingly and willingly take their children into spiritually dark battlefields which are hostile to
the Gospel. Some missionary kids process the challenges of frequent transition and spiritual opposition fairly
smoothly, while others face significant setbacks. As the youngest and most vulnerable members of the missionary
family, the enemy knows if he can harm the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of missionary kids – parents may
leave the battlefield in search of help and healing for their children. These strategic and ruthless attacks against MKs
can leave missionary families exposed, vulnerable, and potentially – defeated.
God has called me to minister to MKs and their parents, so that when the enemy attacks – they know they are not
alone in the battle.

I grew up as a missionary’s kid in Africa where God provided me with first-hand experience to draw from in my ministry to MKs. Before my fourteenth birthday, I had lived in four countries and three different continents. My family worked to: reach people with the hope of Christ, establish churches, train pastors, and serve those in need. My faith in God grew as I witnessed miracles of salvation, deliverance, healing, and provision. My faith grew even stronger when God raised our neighbor from the dead… that was – amazing! But in the midst of all the incredible works God did, our family faced battles. My Dad was carjacked, my Mom had Malaria nine times during our first eighteen months. My school had to be evacuated repeatedly due to rioting and political unrest. Today, MKs are facing some of the same types of battles I did, and in many cases – much worse. Looking back, I can see how God has used my experiences for His glory and to prepare me for this season of ministry to MKs. I invite you to join me on this journey of ministry to
missionary kids around the world. Together – we can make a difference!

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