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Announcement from Bwana Chad about COVID-19 Protocols at Thanksgiving Retreat

We are so excited to have you joining us for Thanksgiving Retreat 2021! We know that this is going to be an EPIC year.

COVID19 Precautions: I know that we are all tired of dealing with COVID. However, because of the nature of gathering in a group of 200+, we have been asked to have COVID19 protocols in place. First, we are following all county and state guidelines for Crooked Creek. Second, we are working with the facility to follow their guidelines. Third, we will have our own MK nurse on site; we will follow her direction for further protocols. So, know that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone healthy.

We have one main requirement for everyone coming to Thanksgiving Retreat: Everybody (both vaccinated and non-vaccinated) will be required to have a negative COVID19 test within 72 hours of flying to Colorado. We will require a simple email (sent to stating that you have tested negative for COVID19. You can take any COVID test that you want to, or are able to. In Missouri, CVS will give a free COVID test if you register in advance. Simply state that you are needing it to travel. If you don’t have a place that will administer the test for you, then we are fine if you do a self-administered antigen test. I know you can purchase those tests at Walgreens (2 for $24). Here is what we want the email to look like:

Last Name, First Name Date of test. Time of test Negative confirmation

For example: Phillips, Chad 11/20/21, 11:45am negative

I don’t enjoy having these protocols in place, however we have some MKs coming who are immunocompromised. Last month, I had a dear friend of mine pass away from COVID. He was healthy, ended up on a ventilator for a couple weeks before passing. We are taking this very seriously, as we want to protect everyone that comes.

If you are uncomfortable taking a COVID test within 72 hours of departure, I ask that you not join us.