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FAQ: Application Process

Applications are posted on the ISMK website beginning January 1. Follow the links to “Work MT/ MR/ Reentry” and “Continue to application.” You may fill out the form and submit it electronically.

Please note the special requirements for references:
– You may not use family members, anyone else applying for MT/PFO, any member of the MK office, or anyone currently employed by the Assemblies of God National Office (this includes Regional Directors).
-Examples could include but are not limited to: pastor, employer, coworker, missionaries or missionary associates.
Under the policies of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, no exceptions can be made for the reference requirements.

Also note that you will receive an email to complete a criminal background check later on in the application process.

The deadline to submit applications, reference forms and background check forms is April 1, 2022.

Contract placement will abide by the hiring practices of the General Council of the Assemblies of God and all applicable laws.

We abide by all applicable contract laws as well as corporate policy, therefore all staff/coordinator applicants must be 18 years or older as of June 4, 2022 (logistics must be 18 by May 30, 2022).

All positions involve working directly or indirectly with missionary kids, from infants through high school.  The programs break down as follows:
Nursery/Toddler (Infants-27 months)
Beginner (28 months-3 year olds)
Preschool (4-5 year olds)
Early Elementary (Ages 6-8)
Bootcamp (Ages 9-18)
AD Camp (Ages 9-18)/Reentry (Ages 9-18) [Will be off campus at Eagle Rock for AD Camp]
Program Logistics
MK Office Logistics
Media (photography and videography)

Each program has unique needs.  Contract workers are selected to work directly with children in an individual program, either as a coordinator or staff.  Additionally, each program needs a logistics coordinator to work indirectly with MKs and provide logistical support.

Coordinator positions: Coordinators supervise the program to which they are assigned in a managerial role. They attend and supervise the program every time it is in session, direct the set-up and tear-down of their program rooms, plan all program activities and teaching sessions, attend orientation settings and coordinator meetings, conduct training and debriefing meetings with staff, liaison with MK parents, manage program cash and related reporting, order supplies and process all paperwork as required by the MK Office. Typically coordinator positions are hand-picked and prior experience with the MK program is strongly recommended.

Staff positions: Staff positions work directly with MKs in their program, serving as a “chief” to a “tribe”. Tribe sizes vary according to the age of the MKs. Staff participate in every MK activity, serve as a group leader and role model. Staff are expected to attend all training sessions and program sessions, assist their coordinator with the set-up and tear-down of their room, act as a chief to assigned MKs, lead “tribe time” teaching sessions, care for the needs of the MKs in their tribe and support MK office leadership, program coordinators and other staff members as a part of the team. Prior experience and being an MK are preferred for these positions, but not required.

Logistics positions: Logistics positions are responsible for all logistical services for the various programs. Logistics staff assigned to specific programs are responsible to complete tasks assigned by the program coordinator for the running of the program. Examples include serving as the program photographer/ videographer, downloading pictures/ video to the MK office archive files, tracking information in the program logbook, retrieving snack orders and supplies from the Central Supply room, loading and unloading coolers, car seats, etc, from vehicles, completing administrative tasks as requested such as photocopying, checking out books and DVDs, etc, and serving as a substitute “chief” in the event of illness. Prior experience and being an MK are preferred for these positions, but not required.

No, you do not have to be an MK to apply and work the summer programs. MKs have unique experiences that allow them to understand the lives of other MKs. But the ISMK summer program abides by all applicable non-discrimination laws in selecting contract workers.

LOGISTICS – Arrive June 1st, Contract dates: June 2nd – July 3rd 

STAFF – Arrive June 7th, Contract Dates: June 8th – July 3rd

COORDINATORS – Arrive June 5th, Contract Dates: June 6th – July 3rd

The MK program is not an 8-5 job. The hours vary from day to day and a certain amount of flexibility is expected with regard to daily schedules. Contract workers average 50 hours per week for the duration of the program.

You are responsible to arrange your own travel to and from Springfield. The MK program will calculate your travel cost from the destination listed in your application and that amount will be figured into your contract.

Staff & Coordinators will be staying in Lewis Hall at Evangel University.

Please let us know if you have made other arrangements.

Contracts will be decided by April 15, 2022 and every applicant will be notified of their status. We are unable to make decisions and notifications prior to that date.