iDiscipleship is a relationship-based program for MKs. Our hope is that you will build stronger relationship with other MKs and grow in your relationship with God.

Why Should I Participate?

  • Be more connected with other MKs
  • Grow closer in your relationship with God
  • Have a leader that desires to invest in you, has been where you are, is willing to help you through struggles/difficulties, and is willing to answer your tough Biblical questions
  • iDiscipleship will make Bible reading fun and relational as globally we all read the Word together. It’s not meant to be a stressful program, but to be something attainable and worth your time.
  • Discuss Bible passages as you read them together
  • Have a private place for an online journal and a place to keep sermon notes
  • Receive your personal journal in a bound-printed book
  • Read through the entire Bible in 6 years!
  • Receive a certificate of completion for each year you complete iDiscipleship Bible reading assignments


What Do I Need To Do?

  • Pray: Sincerely pray about making a one-year commitment to iDiscipleship.
  • Sign Up: Read the rest of the iDiscipleship commitments below, then Sign Up. iD will contact you soon with your acceptance to the program. When you sign up you are agreeing to an 11-month commitment to the iDiscipleship program.
  • Be Assigned To A Group: iD will assign you to a small online group of MKs, with an awesome leader.
  • Read Bible Weekly: You will be provided with a weekly Bible reading guide of approximately four chapters per week. You can read at your own pace. NOTE: If you fall below 50% in your Bible reading, you will be placed on the MIA (Missing in Action) list and must update your reading log before you can participate with your group. If you fall below 25%, you will be removed from iDiscipleship.
  • Participate In Online Weekly Discussions: You will be asked to go online at least once a week to post your thoughts about the weekly reading. You will also be able to read and reply to threads of conversation from your group. This is an opportunity to get to know other MKs, discuss the Bible, and grow in your walk with God together.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: Your comments and those of the other MKs in your group will be kept confidential. We understand that things other than the Bible will be discussed in your group; therefore, you agree to keep everything that is shared in your group confidential unless it is harmful to the life of another. Should parents have any questions concerning any topic or issue, they may contact the iD Program Manager for specific information.
  • PRAY For Your Group: Part of your commitment to the group is to pray for each other and the things that each of your group members are going through.


What Will iDiscipleship Provide?   

  • Trackable Bible Reading: iDiscipleship will provide a Bible reading guide with approximately 4 chapters of reading a week, 11 books of the Bible each year, and you will have read through the entire Bible in 6 years! You will track your progress in your personal Bible reading log.  
  • Discussion Guides: iD will provide Fire Starters produced by Assemblies of God National Youth Ministries to encourage you to think about what you are reading each week. 
  • Fire Bible Student Edition: iDiscipleship has the Fire Bible Student Edition available for Bible reading. You will not be required to use this edition, but it has great study notes. We can send a Bible to you and charge it to your parents’ (00) account. Your parents will need to contact iD to request a Fire Bible Student Edition. (Supplies are limited.)  
  • An Online Network: iD will connect you with a group of fellow MKs. The iDiscipleship website is just for you and other MKs from all over the world to connect, share prayer requests, and talk about the Bible and life together.
  • Annual Completion Certificates: You will receive a certificate of completion for each year you complete the requirements of iDiscipleship.
  • Printed Journal: iDiscipleship will print your online journal and sermon notes in a bound book at the end of the session.