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Questions to Ask if Considering a National School

National School Comparison Charts

National School Resources

Questions to Ask if Considering a National School:

  • What is my purpose in choosing a national school? (National schools provide a broader, strong educational base)
  • Is the school committed to individualized education and a child-centered philosophy?
  • What is the education philosophy of that country? (i.e. politics, holidays, discipline, etc.)
  • How will I parent my child through the national school process and make sure they learn appropriately?
  • How are the discipline procedures different in the national school than what my child is acquainted with already?
  • How will I make adjustments prior to enrollment so my child understands these differences?
  • Is the school system a shame based system of educational motivation or is it encouragement based motivation?
  • Am I willing to stay involved with my child attending national schools to assure a positive school experience for my child?
  • How long do I plan to use the national school?
  • Do I plan for my child to complete college in the national school system?
  • If my children complete their education in a national school only, will it limit them to colleges and higher education only in that country?
  • How will I prepare my child to transition to US schools on itineration?
  • How do the international school grade levels and US school system grade levels differ?
  • What type of curriculum is taught and how is it used? How does this compare to US curriculum?

National School Comparison Charts

The charts below are designed to help you compare the grade level system in the US with those of several other countries. This is not a comprehensive list, but will help you understand common educational systems. If you have specific questions about the country to which you are assigned, please contact the MK Office.

grade school comparison chart

grade school comparison chart 2

National School Resources

Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
Description: ACSI is the world’s largest association of Protestant schools. It represents more than 5,300 schools worldwide in 100 countries.
Services: ACSI lists some national schools in its database. Click on “Find a School.” Enter your country and city if needed. The search engine will pull up available schools in that area that are associated with ACSI. The national schools usually have names in a language other than English.

Eurydice Network
Description: The Eurydice Network consists of 35 national units based in all 31 countries participating in the European Union’s Lifelong Learning program and is coordinated and managed by the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in Brussels.
Services: Eurydice Network provides information on and analyses of European educational systems and policies.

***Note: Most of the resources available for national schools are found in Europe or parts of Asia. You will find few resources for national schools in other parts of the world as the schooling systems are not comparable or compatible with a US based educational system.