International Schools

Questions to Ask if Considering an International School



Questions to Ask if Considering an International School:

  • What is my purpose in choosing an international school?
  • Is the school committed to individualized education and a child-centered philosophy?
  • What is the school’s global education philosophy? (i.e. politics, holidays, discipline, combining of cultures in the classroom, etc.)
  • How will I parent my child through the international school process and make sure they learn appropriately?
  • How are the discipline procedures different in the international school than what my child is acquainted with already?
  • How will I make adjustments prior to enrollment so my child understands these differences?
  • Is the school system a shame based system of educational motivation or is it encouragement based motivation?
  • Am I willing to stay involved with my child attending international schools to assure a positive school experience for my child?
  • How long do I plan to use the international school?
  • Do I plan for my child to complete college in the international school system?
  • How will I prepare my child to transition to US schools on itineration?
  • What are the differences between the international school grade levels and US school system levels?
  • What type of curriculum is taught and how is it used? How does this compare to US curriculum?



International School Resources

US Department of State
Description: The US Department of State provides an international school listing for countries all over the world. This is an excellent resource for families considering an international school.
Services: After selecting a region of the world this website lists all the countries in which they have a recognized international school. Click on the country and find a list of schools and specific information about each school.

Directory of International and English Schools Worldwide
Description: Online directory of International schools, English schools, and American schools in Europe and throughout the world that offer an education in English, or a language foreign to the native country.
Services: The content has been supplied from the schools themselves either directly or from their websites. The list of schools is a side menu on each page.

International School Services (ISS)
Description: Since 1955 ISS has planed, designed, and managed schools around the world. In addition they provide support activities to existing independent overseas schools, ISS is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to excellence for children attending overseas schools worldwide.
Services: ISS currently works with over 300 schools. For details and locations of ISS schools, go to their website and click on “Explore Schools.”

Quality Schools International (QSI)
Description: A non-profit group of international schools in Europe, Asia, and Eurasia. They have 35 schools in 25 countries and serve diplomatic, development, and business families.
Services: The mission of QSI is to keep the urge to learn alive in every child in QSI schools. QSI schools are established to provide a quality education in the English language for students in the cities they serve.

The Council of International Schools
Description: A not-for-profit organization of a worldwide international education community comprising over 650 member schools and 450 colleges/universities. It has experience in K–12 education in more than 100 countries. The home page has a search engine for associated schools.
Services: The central purpose of CIS is to enable member organizations to achieve and deliver the highest standards in international education and continually improve the outcome of student learning.

European Council of International Schools (ECIS)
Description: Founded in 1965, the ECIS is a global service membership organization that provides professional development opportunities to its member schools. ECIS schools are committed to the promotion of an international outlook amongst all members of their communities.
Services: For a list of ECIS schools, go to their website and click on “Search” and “Find Member School.” The site provides some details about each member school and links to the individual school websites.