Education Consortiums

 Anchor Education Services

  - Vision:  Expatriate families working effectively because their children’s educational needs are being appropriately met.

  - Mission:  Anchor education exists to provide a comprehensive package of educational consulting services to expatriate parents, students, other individuals and companies, primarily in Africa and the Middle East. 

Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC) 

  - Feedback From Parents About AERC:  One family wrote, "Educational issues are a primary factor for families in adjusting to overseas living. By providing advice, support and help, AERC helps families find practical solutions tailored to their own needs.”

  - Membership Fees:  Currently, the annual membership fee is $85 per family or $60 per family for members of sponsoring agencies.

SHARE Education Services

  - Feedback From Parents About AERC: "We are so thankful for SHARE...We never would have guessed that our children's education would be one of the most difficult aspects of living overseas, but with SHARE's help, we are carving a great path for them." 

  - Membership Fees:  SHARE website members will have access to education articles, audio seminars, reading lists, Third Culture Kid web links, K-12 education web links, and college/career web links. These resources are available to you for free if you serve with a SHARE sponsoring organization. For all others, we charge a nominal annual subscription fee of $30.