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Questions to Ask if Considering a Boarding School:



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Questions to Ask if Considering a Boarding School:

  • What is my purpose in choosing a boarding school?
  • Is the school committed to individualized education and a child-centered philosophy?
  • What is the school's global education philosophy? (i.e. politics, holidays, discipline, combining of cultures in the classroom, teacher interaction, etc.)
  • How will I parent my child through the boarding school process and make sure they learn appropriately?
  • How are the discipline procedures different in the boarding school than what my child is acquainted with already?
  • How will I make adjustments prior to enrollment so my child understands these differences?
  • Am I willing to stay involved with my child attending boarding school to assure a positive school experience for my child?
  • How long do I plan to use the boarding school?
  • How will I prepare my child to transition to US schools on itineration?
  • What are the differences between boarding school education grade levels and US school system grade levels?
  • What type of curriculum is taught and how is it used? How does this compare to US curriculum?
  • How is the school calendar developed? (breaks, holidays, etc.) What is a sample of a daily schedule? (classroom time, home time, meal time, study time, etc.)
  • Will my child thrive in a setting away from home and family?


Article: The Benefits of Boarding Schools
By Allison Miller

Whether you're exploring boarding schools out of an interest in a different type of educational environment, or because it's a family tradition to attend school away from home, there are many benefits to boarding school life. Some of the biggest boarding school benefits include:

Academic Challenge Boarding schools provide much more than an academically rigorous curriculum, although high academic standards and challenging courses are frequently the hallmark of a boarding school education. To be admitted, students need to demonstrate they can meet the high standards the schools set. But once in, they are often privy to an impressive selection of course offerings.

Round-the-Clock Learning Unlike in traditional public or private schools where teaching ends at 3:00, the learning in boarding schools continues long after the afternoon bell rings. The school day does not start and stop as it does in other scholastic settings. Whether during afternoon study sessions, in discussions over dinner, or as part of practice for the school play, students are constantly exposed to new information about the people and world around them.

Small Class Size The personal attention that is possible in a class with fewer students is another major benefit of a boarding school education. Teachers get to know their students extremely well, making it possible to provide one-on-one support and encouragement when needed. Likewise, students form close personal bonds, too.

Rich Extracurricular Activities While parents may worry about the supervision their child receives outside of the classroom, the truth is that boarding schools offer a wide range of activities to engage students during free time. From sports to art, music, special interest clubs and volunteer opportunities, students are kept busy from morning to night.

Family Atmosphere When students and teachers live and study together 24/7, close personal relationships are formed unlike any other at a traditional day school. Your roommates and classmates typically become life-long friends.

Supported Independence Although students who attend boarding school are generally more independent, almost out of necessity, they are rarely unsupervised. Learning to make smart decisions, in a safe environment, is another major benefit of the boarding school experience.

Relationships with Colleges Some, but not all, boarding schools have well-established relationships with college admissions offices, which may provide an advantage to boarding school students who choose to apply. This is more likely to be the case at college preparatory boarding schools, however.

Boarding schools provide a wealth of opportunities for academic learning and personal growth. Students who enter excited about the chance to be part of the close-knit community are those most likely to succeed.


Rift Valley Academy (Kenya)
(Elementary and High School)
RVA is a Christian boarding school located in central Kenya. The academy, a branch of Africa Inland Mission International, exists to provide a quality education in a nurturing environment for the children of missionaries serving in Africa. The current student body of about 450 includes more than 20 different nationalities. The school is divided into two parts, the elementary portion, called Titchie Swot, and the high school. Each section has its own principal, who answers to the superintendent, who answers to the school board. Utilizing an American curriculum, and accredited by the Middle States Association, RVA is designed to prepare the children of missionaries for higher education in their home countries.

Dakar Academy (Senegal)
(K through 12th grade, boarding starts at 6th grade)
Dakar Academy was founded in 1961 by United World Mission. It is now co-owned by United World Mission, Assembly of God, and WorldVenture. The Southern Baptist Convention is also an associate member. DA is a college preparatory, co-educational boarding and day school program primarily for missionary children. Dakar Academy Boarding Program is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. It is the only accredited boarding program in Africa. Dakar Academy has approximately 250 students in its academic program, and over 40 students in boarding.

Faith Academy (Philippines)
(K through 12th grade)
Faith Academy is an international Christian K-12 school primarily serving the children of missionaries working in the Philippines and throughout Asia, and committed to equipping our students to be Christ-like, life-long learners. The school has two campuses, one located just east of Metro Manila and the second campus is situated in the southern Philippine city of Davao. FA is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Faith Academy boarding supports missionary families serving throughout Asia by providing quality care and nurturing in the school's boarding homes. Faith Academy sees these homes as one possible alternative in meeting the educational needs of missionary families.

Black Forest Academy (Germany)
(5th through 12th grade, partnership with a local Christian bilingual school for 1st through 4th grade)
Black Forest Academy (BFA) was founded in 1956 by TeachBeyond, formerly Janz Team Ministries.  It is an international Christian school providing an English language education for grades 5 through 12.  It serves the children of international business families who want a North American curriculum that incorporates a Christian worldview.  BFA has an enrollment of approximately 325 students, which inclde roughly 150 students in the residential boarding program for grades 9 to 12.  BFA also partners with a local elementary school, Germany's first Christian bilingual school, for grades 1 through 4.

Alliance Academy International (Ecuador)
(K through 12th grade)
The Alliance Academy International is a private, co-educational school located in Quito, Ecuador. It was founded in 1929 to provide an extensive US curriculum for the children of evangelical missionaries. There are 440 students in grades K–12. Today the AAI continues to offer a quality Christian, US style of education to students who come from a large variety of professional and cultural backgrounds. Alliance Academy International holds full accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International. The Alliance Academy International offers a residential program on the school's campus for secondary school students.

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