Application Information


Any Assemblies of God Missionary Kid having served on the field a minimum of four years is eligible to apply for the various ISMK scholarships. Only one application is necessary. You may reapply annually with the same or new essay. Once applied for, each MK will be considered for every scholarship available through ISMK. Each MK is eligible to receive a maximum of ONE scholarship from ISMK.

  1. Fill out an MK application form, available through ISMK or through the website and send it in. All applications need to be received prior to May 1st.
  2. Write an essay of no more than five (5) pages on the topic "How growing up as an MK influenced my career choice" and email it to Bethanie Skipper at
  3. Bethanie, the Dean of Education, will send the essays to the members of the ISMK Advisory Committee. Please do not use your or your family members' names in your essay as the identities of the MK applicants will be withheld from committee members.
  4. The members of the Advisory Committee will receive each of the required essays and will rate the essays with a point system. The points will be from one to twenty. The top essay will receive twenty points. They will only award points to the top twenty essays. The essays receiving the most points will be awarded the scholarships.
  5. The members of the advisory committee will send the essay scores back to the ISMK Program Manager no later than August 1st.
  6. The ISMK Program Manager will award the scholarships to the MK(s) with the highest points.

The essays will be graded on specific criteria:

  1. Clarity of thought,
  2. Understanding of how a specific culture or MK Identity influenced a career decision,
  3. Ability to communicate clearly how the past is affecting their future,
  4. Clear thesis
  5. Grammar

You can send any questions regarding the application process to Bethanie Skipper at