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Cristi Alexander


MKs, I love serving YOU! I am the ISMK Pastoral Care Coordinator, so I help with MK mentoring and discipleship, counseling, college visits, and MK Task Forces.

I became an MK when I was nine and moved to South Africa on my 11th birthday. I lived there with my family until I was 19 and returned to the States to attend university, earning a degree in Communications.  During and after college, I worked for many years as a leader during summer conference and also worked in the MK office. I later became a missionary in 2008 and moved to Wales where I spent three years working with students and helping plant a church. I put my MK skills to use daily and grew to love all things British – drinking tea, watching rugby, and adoring the Royal family.

 I’m now back with ISMK and loving it. MKs have a special spot in my heart!


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