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August 2017 Update – Cristi

During the month of June, over a hundred staff came to Springfield, MO to help with the MK program for Missionary Training and Missionary Renewal.

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March 2017 Update – Cristi

In January I flew to Kenya to lead the MK program for an East Africa missionary retreat. I was so encouraged spending time with missionaries

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Merry Christmas! – Cristi

Thank You 2016 has been an eventful year! I’ve had so many incredible opportunities to see MKs in their countries, serving with their families, and making

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McGees 2016

We have a high school graduate! Our daughter Mary graduated from Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi last May. Last school year was exhausting for us in

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Getting Close! – Cristi

So Close! Great news, I’ve reached 82% of my budget! That means I’m sill 18% away from reaching my monthly commitments goal. To finish up

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