FAQ: Together 2019





We abide by all applicable employment laws as well as corporate policy, therefore all staff/coordinator applicants must be 18 years or older as of August 3, 2019.


  • Applications are posted on the ISMK website beginning January 1. You will need two references for your application with their contact information, so you may want to contact them prior to January 1. All applications are due by April 1. Hiring decisions will be made by April 15th.
  • Once hired, you will have several documents to complete:
    • W9
    • Background check
    • Direct Deposit
    • Driver abstract (only specific roles will fill out)


MKs and regular summer staff will be paid by invoices through the contract process. All staff and coordinators will be paid $100/day for their services, however, that is based on actual days worked (travel days, sick time, and workman’s comp not included). Payment will be made following the event and staff should not expect payment until August 26th.

You are responsible to arrange your own travel to and from Orlando. The MK program will pay $300 for travel and it will be figured into your contract and paid on August 26th.


To provide a full and functional program we will need to supplement with volunteers from church teams. Church volunteers will not be financially compensated for their ministry time at T19, however they will still need to complete the application and background check process. We will still provide room and board for any church teams who volunteer for ISMK.

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All ISMK staff will be required to stay at our hotel (DoubleTree – Downtown Orlando). You do not need to make any arrangements, as ISMK has already made the necessary reservations for your accommodations. This does NOT count as taxable income for you.

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ISMK will cover two meals a day (unless otherwise noted on your staff schedule). We understand that not everyone eats breakfast, so that question is asked on the application. If you change your mind, please contact ISMK before the start of the event to get that updated.

Dietary restrictions: Please make sure to note if you have food allergies and we will make an effort to assist you, however, you may be asked to help us create a plan for your meals that week.

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Check in:              August 2nd by 4 pm

Depart:                 August 9th by 11 am



Check in:              August 3rd by 4 pm

Depart:                 August 9th by 11 am




You are responsible to make your own arrangements from the airport to the hotel and it will not be reimbursed by ISMK. (However, you can save your receipts and claim it as a business expense on your taxes).


We will provide air-conditioned buses to shuttle staff to/from the church/hotel each day.

If you need to miss a shuttle, you can use Uber or a taxi service, however, ISMK will not reimburse any expenses.


The DoubleTree does offer parking, but it is $25/day. ISMK will not reimburse this expense. We recommend parking your vehicle at the church and using the shuttle service we have provided.

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