Discipleship Program


iD is a relationship-based program for MKs and a place for MK alumni to mentor younger MKs. Our hope is that you will be able to build strong relationship with MKs who you invest in.


Why Should I Participate?

  • Create opportunities for MKs to disciple, encourage, and help one another
  • Be a mentor to MKs
  • Make a difference in families lives on the field
  • Be a resource to MKs that may be struggling or have questions about their life/future
  • Answer questions MKs and students may have about the Bible or their walk with God
  • Strengthen your own Bible reading and study time
  • Discuss Bible passages with MKs who are hungry to learn more about God
  • Reinvest in the program that invested so much in you
  • Build the future of ISMK ministry
  • Make a difference


What Is My Commitment?

  • Pray: Sincerely pray about making a commitment to leading an iD group
  • Sign Up: ISMK will contact you with your acceptance to the program and your list of MK participants. When you sign up you are agreeing to an 11-month commitment to the iD program.
  • Maintain Weekly Bible Reading: Approximately four chapters per week. Maintain a minimum of 80% of the assigned Bible reading.
  • Oversee Online Discussion Group: Initiate and encourage MKs to engage in discussion. Check and respond to online posts at least once per week
  • Maintain Confidentiality: As part of a iD group, your comments and those of the MKs in your group will be kept confidential. You agree to keep everything that is shared in your group confidential, unless it is harmful to the life of another.
  • PRAY For Your Group: Pray for one another and the things that each of your group members are going through.

Leader Qualifications

  • Dynamic relationship with God.
    It is the expectation of ISMK that all leaders have their own growing, personal relationship with Christ. This is the foundation of being a mentor.
  • Church Involvement
    ISMK trains MKs that church is a vital part of their spiritual journey with Christ. Our prayer is that iD leaders will exemplify regular church involvement for our MKs.
  • Baptized In The Holy Spirit
    One of the goals of iD is for MKs to understand the person of the Holy Spirit and His role in our lives. Therefore, ISMK desires each of its Group Leaders to be baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • No Personal Agenda
    ISMK is here to build up the entire community of the Assemblies of God World Missions. We require leaders to refrain from negative comments towards the organization that has empowered us to be a voice in the lives of MKs.
  • Be A Positive Team Player
    The Assemblies of God has given us this opportunity to reach MKs, we need to uphold the Fellowship that believes so much in us. Recognize that we are all working towards the same goal in our relationship with God.


iD Will Provide

  • Leader screening process
  • Trackable weekly Bible reading guide
  • Safe site for Bible discussion and relationship building between leaders and MKs
  • Global MK discussion page
  • Confidential online personal journaling, prayer list, and additional Bible reading
  • Scriptures for memorization
  • International leaders forum where leaders from every group can communicate, encourage, and mentor each other