AG College Discounts

Financial Aid for college is a very important aspect of higher education and is unique to each individual institution.  Below you will find a list of AG Colleges and their scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts geared toward AG Missionary Kids.


Continental Theological Seminary

Undergraduate Studies: $7,800 and Graduate Studies: $9,400


Evangel University

Evangel offers a 50% tuition discount on classes taken at Evangel University to the dependents of Assemblies of God U.S. and World Missionaries; married children and students over the age of 23 are not eligible for this discount.


Native American Bible College

NABC would like to extend their in-house grant to all AG MK's.  This in-house grant would give AG MK's at least 50% off tuition; with an annual cost (including room, board, books, and fees) of approximately $6,000.


North Central University

North Central University does not currently offer an MK scholarship or MK discount.


Northpoint Bible College

Northpoint Bible College (formerly known as Zion Bible College) provides a discount of $500 per year to dependents of licensed ministers of at least 2 years.  Applicants can complete the Missionary Tuition Discount Request.


Northwest University

Northwest University provides an Assemblies of God Tuition Credit. This credit is a flat rate of 15 percent off of tuition for A/G Ministers, Chaplains, or full-time administrators/teachers at an A/G Christian School (K-12), as well as their spouse and dependents.  Those serving must have been licensed or ordained with the Assemblies of God for at least one year.  Administrators/teachers must have been employed in current position for one year prior to student's enrollment.

Northwest also provides a Missionary Tuition Credit available to both freshmen and transfer students up to 50% of tuition, based upon other institutional aid received.  Must be a full time missionary, spouse of a missionary, or a dependent of a missionary outside of the United States under appointment of a recognized Missions Board.  Must re-apply for financial aid and maintain satisfactory academic progress.


Southeastern University

Southeastern University provides a tuition discount that varies based on need and available funds.  SEU's A/G Missionary Dependent Scholarship is available to dependent children of appointed Assemblies of God foreign and national home missionaries who itinerate for their support and serve on a full-time basis.


Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU)

SAGU offers a 50 percent tuition discount to Assemblies of God U.S. and World Missionaries, spouses and dependent children living on campus.  Off-campus results in a 25 percent discount.  Missionaries and spouses may apply the discount to undergraduate or graduate tuition.  Missionary dependent children may apply the discount to undergraduate tuition only.  Missionary Associates are also eligible for the discount with some restrictions.  SAGU also offers online Dual Credit classes for high school juniors and seniors.  Contact SAGU Admissions for more information concerning SAGU scholarships and grants.


Trinity Bible College

Trinity Bible College provides a Missionary/Minister's Dependent Discount of 50% off tuition your freshman year and a $5,000 scholarship every year after.


University of Valley Forge

Valley Forge offers a $10,000 Minister/Missionary Dependent Scholarship to officially appointed foreign missonaries or dependents.

Vanguard University of Southern California

Vanguard University provides a Traditional Undergraduate Ministry Grant of $1,000 per year that is available to those involved in full-time Christian service as ordained or licensed ministers and missionaries, or their dependents.



                                                                              Last updated on August 8, 2017