General Information

The Task Force mobilizes alumni MKs in ministry. The MK Task Force provides overseas ministry through teams made up of alumni MKs that staff retreats for MKs on the field. They minister to the MKs through small group dynamics, sharing experiences, participating in activities and services. The Task Force is arranged by field or regional invitation only. Each person on the Task Force is required to raise their own budget.

If you are an alumni MK and you have never been on an MK Task Force – you need to go! This is a great way to minister to other MKs, who may be going through some things that you have already gone through. You could have a tremendous voice in these kids lives! The MK Task Force works with MKs from birth through high school.

Task Forces are open to MKs college age and up. Participating in a Task Force is similar to going on a missions trip. You are responsable to raise your own funds. However, with approval of your parent’s regional director the cost of the trip may be funded in part or completely out of your parent’s (00).

* 5% of donations goes to AGWM Administration.