FAQ: Hired. Now What?



If you have any further questions regarding your participation during Missionary Training/Pre field Orientation, AD Camp, Missionary Renewal, or Re-entry, please contact the MK Ministry Office at 417-862-2781, x2040. 


Hired. Now what?

You must still complete the hiring process once you reach Springfield. During orientation week, you will have to fill out some paperwork and will need to bring both the following source of identification with you:


    • Options include a driver's license, state-issued ID card, or passport.


    • If you do not have a checking account, then at least have your Bank Routing Number and Account Number. If you do not have either, then you will receive a paper check instead of direct deposit.


    • Please join our Facebook group called 2018 ISMK Summer Staff. We will send primary information through email and text messages, however, this is a great place to ask questions to staff that will be working this year.


When do I need to be in Springfield?


Please arrive at Evangel University (Lewis Hall) on Sunday, June 3rd  between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  Coordinators working security will check out Monday, July 3rd. All other coordinators will check out on July 1.

If you have any questions or conflicts with these dates, please contact Sarah Goodapple as soon as possible.


Please arrive at Evangel University on Sunday, June 3rd  between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm.  Check out will be Saturday, June 30th before11:00 am. 

If you have any questions or conflicts with these dates, please contact the MK Ministry Office as soon as possible.


Please arrive at the MK Office (1475 N. Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO) on Tuesday, May 29th by 9:00 AM. Check out will be July 7th by 11:00 am.

If you have any questions or conflicts with these dates, please contact the MK Ministry Office as soon as possible.



Where do I go when I get there?

Staff and Coordinators:
Once you arrive in Springfield, please come to Evangel University (Lewis Hall) at 1111 N. Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65802.  If you are arriving by air and do not have a ride from the airport, take a taxi and save your receipt. You can claim the taxi fare on your taxes.

Logistics: Please meet at the MK Office at 1475 N. Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO.



What program am I working?

You should have received an email notifying you of the program you will be working. Please be aware that the MK Office reserves the right to change the program you are working. Our attendance numbers are not final until the day of registration, and there may be a need to make adjustments to the staff list at that time. You are being hired to work, but we cannot guarantee you will work the program you were first offered.



How much will I be making?

You should have received an email with salary information included. If you have any questions about salary, contact the MK Office directly.



How am I being paid?

AGWM will hire all summer employees as contract laborers. (Note: Unless you are using direct deposit, the address listed on your W2 is where the final check will be mailed.)

Up to three paychecks issued:

The first invoice, dated June 10, 2018, will include days worked, estimated travel allowance, and CPR certification reimbursement (if applicable). The second invoice, dated June 29, 2018, will include contracted days worked. If you are asked to work past June 29, 2018, then a third invoice will be processed on July 14, 2018. 



Will there be an orientation?

The MK Office will lead a mandatory orientation for MT/PFO/MR upon arrival. All staff must be present and ready for the orientation session at 5:00 PM on Sunday, June 3rd. 



Will I be reimbursed for travel?

The MK Office has researched the cost of travel (based on air travel or mileage) from your address listed on your application. That information has been recorded in our database and has been applied to your contract total amount. The maximum amount of travel allowance for staff positions is capped at $500 and coordinators are capped at $750. If you are within driving distance (over 45 miles), your travel allowance will be based on mileage at $0.50/mile. You will not need to turn in receipts to the MK Office, but it is advised to keep them for tax purposes. Your estimated travel expense will be included in your first check.



What about meals?

Three meals a day will be provided during staff orientation week and during regular program hours unless otherwise noted on the schedule.  A Saturday brunch will be provided on Saturdays when the program is not in session. You will be on your own for other meals not provided on weekends. Evangel has many restaurants in close proximity, included but not limited to Taco Bell, Schlotzsky's Deli, Subway, Panda Express.

Food allergies: It is very difficult to accommodate every type of food allergy when working with a caterer. A refrigerator will be located in staff dorm that can hold food for those with food allergies. A meal schedule will be provided to help you plan accordingly. Those with food allergies will need to plan ahead for any meals not located at Evangel.



What should I wear?

Casual dress is appropriate while working this summer. You should bring modest shorts and t-shirts. Shirts for men and women must touch the edge of the shoulder; spaghetti strap shirts, off the shoulder, and tank tops are not allowed. Shorts should reach the tip of your middle finger when standing with arms hanging at your sides. Be prepared for strenuous work and activities that could permanently stain your clothing.

Most programs involve some sort of pool/water activity. Ladies are asked to wear a modest one-piece bathing suit (tankinis are allowed as long as they cover the midriff) and men are asked to wear swim trunks, (NO Speedos).

Bring one nice, dressy outfit for the Commisioning Service.



Where am I going to sleep and what should I bring?

All staff will be staying Evangel University (1111 N. Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802).  All rooms should be equipped with the necessary bedding, linens, and a pillow.

You will need to bring:

  • your own personal care items (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.)

  • hangers if needed

  • swimming towels (for program activities)

  • casual clothing, appropriate swimwear (one-piece for women, trunks for men) and at least one dress outfit.

  • If you are in the Bootcamp program, please bring your own pillow. We will not use Evangel's bedding and linens.


What hours will I be working?


Beginner/Preschool/Early Elementary 


AD Camp/Youth

Reentry: Preteen or Youth

Coordinator Kid Care

Special Needs Care

Run & Roar / Media

This calendar is intended to give you an approximate idea of the dates and hours you will work during your employment with ISMK.  It is not intended to be exact, as employment for the summer programs requires a high degree of flexibility.  Please do not make outside plans based on the accuracy of this calendar, as arrival times and departure times may vary by half an hour to an hour at times.

Please email Sarah Goodapple or Chad Phillips for information about absences during scheduled work hours.


What is my job description?


  • Attend all orientation/training sessions as assigned

  • Participate in all program activities as assigned

  • Act as chief of assigned MKs (camp counselor)

  • Assist Coordinators with curriculum development, leading Country Studies, leading worship, teaching, etc. as assigned

  • Be prepared for Tribe Time discussions with MKs (small group devotions)

  • Be aware of MK needs at all times (food allergies, hydration, safety, etc.)

  • Be punctual to all required activities/program days

  • Do all assigned duties with a good attitude

  • Be an example to all MKs

  • Support MK Office leadership, program Coordinators, and other staff members as part of the team

  • Be flexible at all times


Logistics Staff:

  • Serve as program photographer/videographer

  • Download photos to MK Office Coordinator computer

  • Pick up snacks/supplies from Central Supply

  • Help record/track information in Program Logbook

  • Maintain program first aid kits

  • Serve as a substitute chief if another staff person becomes ill

  • Assist Coordinators with curriculum development

  • Complete administrative tasks: photocopies, check out books and videos, etc.

  • Liaison with Run & Roar Coordinator for planning program games/activities


Program Coordinators:

  • Act as supervisor to program staff

  • Lead/direct/supervise staff interaction with MKs

  • Attend all orientation/training sessions

  • Be flexible at all times

  • Direct the setup and tear-down/pack-up of program rooms

  • Coordinate extra childcare with MK Office and chiefs

  • Liaison/troubleshoot issues with parents

  • Confirm all activities and pay if needed

  • Plan services and teach/preach or assign others to teach/preach

  • Teach MK curriculum

  • Order needed snacks/supplies through MK Office Logistics

  • Process all paperwork requested by MK Office:

  • Timekeeping

  • MK & Staff Attendance sheets

  • Accident/Medication forms

  • Program Logbooks

  • Debriefing notes

  • Financial reports

  • Staff evaluations


Logistics Coordinators:

  • Coordinate/supervise MK Office move from headquarters and storage unit(s)

  • Give logistics information during Coordinator Orientation

  • Assist all programs with program set-up:

  • Purchase supplies

  • Set up playground

  • Order/distribute Boot camp/EE dog tags

  • Purchase/distribute snacks for all programs (Sam’s Club/Wal-Mart)

  • Purchase/distribute supplies for all programs

  • Manage Central Supply

  • Print/distribute photos for younger program scrapbooks during MT/PFO

  • Purchase supply/food needs for MuKappa camping trip

  • Assist MK Office with all program registrations

  • Order/organize trophies for MK graduation

  • Assist with planning/organizing/purchasing supplies/clean-up for final MK banquets

  • Assist with planning/organizing/purchasing supplies/clean-up final Staff banquet

  • Purchase/organize honorarium gifts for special program speakers

  • Orientation training


Run & Roar Coordinator:

  • Plan/organize all games for all programs during RR time

  • Purchase (or assist Logistics to purchase) all needed supplies for RR

  • Connect with each program Coordinator to plan best games for that program

  • Lead all RR games

  • Assist MK Office with other tasks


Media Coordinator:

  • Oversee all media gathering/production both video and still photos

  • Connect with program Coordinators and program logistics to plan video needs for each program

  • Assign camera to each program for video/still footage during program

  • Film/edit/create welcome video for parent orientation MT/PFO

  • Edit/create videos for each program for MK Graduation and Ministry to Parents

  • Assist MK Office with other tasks


Reentry Coordinator:

  • Oversee all reentry schedules, programs, and staff

  • Liaison with PMC to create schedules, coordinator bios, staff info, etc.

  • Check-in reentry staff (possible)

  • Provide orientation for reentry coordinators/staff

  • Act as support during reentry program

  • Liaison with MK Office for supply needs

  • Oversee debriefing time for reentry coordinators/staff

  • Liaison with MK Office for reentry program direction or needs


Coordinator Kid Care:

  • Primary role will be providing kid care for Program Coordinators

  • Assist MK Office with other tasks, if needed


Special Needs Care:

  • Primary role will be providing one-on-one care for MKs with special needs

  • An MK may be placed in programs that do not necessarily match the actual age of the MK 


What are the different programs and when do they take place?


Missionary Training/  Missionary Renewal 

Missionary Training, (Formerly Candidate School/ PFO), is from June 10th- 21st and focuses on new MKs going with their families to the field for the first time. 

Missionary Renewal (formerly SOM) is from June 22nd - 28th.  MR focuses on all MKs, both new and veterans returning to the US after a term on the field.


The Re-Entry program is a program which helps families and MKs just coming off the field transition back into life in the United States.  The program is running simultaneous with MT, from June 18th - 21st.   Staff hired to work Reentry will also serve as Preteen or Youth staff during Missionary Renewal.


Security Training

Security Training is an extra seminar that missionaries assigned to at-risk countries are required to attend. We will be providing childcare during these events. We will have daily activities and will try to take the kids off campus as much as possible.


Within MT/MR and Reentry, MKs are broken down further into age-graded programs:

AD Camp

AD Camp is the program for Area Director’s children and other MKs who are in the program during the weeks of Missionary Renewal, but are not new candidate MKs.  Staff hired to work AD Camp will work the Youth program during Missionary Renewal. James and Jordan Southerland will be coordinating this program.


Beginners are MK children ages 28 months-3 years old.  Meenah Thomas and Samantha Puffpaff will coordinate this program. 

Boot Camp 

Boot Camp is the program for new MKs (ages 9-18) during Missionary Training only.  Those assigned to Bootcamp will work Preteen (formerly known as Upper Elementary) during Missionary Renewal. Phil and Hannah Day will be coordinating this program.

Early Elementary 

Early Elementary is for MKs ages 6-8.  Denny and Jennifer Tanner will coordinate this program.


Logistics is a unique area that has been designed specifically to assist other programs. Those hired in this capacity will assist the coordinators and staff in their assigned individual programs to take care of any needs they might have. Responsibilities include things like moving supplies, setting up for activities, cleaning toys (as appropriate)  videotaping and photographing, etc.  Robin McGee will coordinate this program at the MK Office level.  Individual program staff will report directly to their coordinator.  

The Nursery Program is for MKs from birth to 12 months. The Toddler program is for children 13-27 months. These two programs will be together in one room.  Ashley Bean & Janelle Richardson will coordinate this program.


Preschool is for MKs ages 4 and 5.  Nancy Dearman and Katie LaFon will coordinate this program.


Reentry is for MKs of all ages and will run simultaneously with the second week of MT  (June 18-21 ). Becca Lashway and Baylea Hines will coordinate Reentry Elementary. Michelle Ellis will coordinate Reentry Youth. Staff hired to work Reentry will also work the Preteen/Youth programs during Missionary Renewal (see below).

Elementary Reentry Staff will become Preteen staff for MR.

Elementary Reentry Coordinators will become Youth staff for MR.

Youth Reentry Staff and Logistics will become Youth staff for MR.

Preteen (formerly known as Upper Elementary) 

Preteen program (ages 9-12) and runs only during Missionary Renewal.  Staff hired to work the Preteen program will also work the Bootcamp program during Missionary Training.  Philip & Hannah Day will coordinate this program. (Preteen will be off campus at Eagle Rock Campground during MR).


The Youth program (ages 13-18) will be off campus during Missionary Renewal (MR). The program will be held at Eagle Rock Campground which is approximately 2 hours southwest of Springfield, MO.  Youth coordinators for this year are James & Jordan Southerland. 


What is my job description?

What is my job description?